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January 23, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Just for kicks…

I had an urge do some design for fun today. I picked something I enjoy, and built it from scratch in Photoshop. I tried to recreate the atmosphere in which I enjoy this activity the most, and built some the objects you would see there.

I’m curious as to what other designers think of this work, and what their own version might look like. I’d love to see your own work, so throw something together, link it in the comments, and I’ll add them to the gallery!
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January 20, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Another Logo Design Released

Today I was contacted about designing a logo for a magazine-style blog. After talking with the customer for a short period, I felt that I had a handle on what they were looking for. The resulting two designs, which I thought would appeal to their desires, are now in the Portfolio. Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

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January 14, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

REALbasic and Snow Leopard: Redraw what?!

A customer has tasked me with updating some of the UI elements in their application. Among the problems they listed was a redraw bug in Snow Leopard, where the controls on windows with a set background color would display a slightly different color in their background even with the Composite property set to True. After about an hour of testing different workarounds, I found what I believe to be an excellent solution.
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January 7, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Expanding Portfolio

Over the past couple of weeks, out portfolio has been steadily expanding. We’ve picked up several customers in the Royersford, PA area, and hope to continue expanding. We’re also looking for resellers, so if you have customers who need branding, design, hosting, or marketing, let us know. We’ll do most of the work, and help you get paid.

Also, we’re always looking for new customers, and we think your business would make a great addition! Check out some of our work, give us a call or submit a ticket, and see what we can do for you.

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