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January 14, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

REALbasic and Snow Leopard: Redraw what?!

A customer has tasked me with updating some of the UI elements in their application. Among the problems they listed was a redraw bug in Snow Leopard, where the controls on windows with a set background color would display a slightly different color in their background even with the Composite property set to True. After about an hour of testing different workarounds, I found what I believe to be an excellent solution.
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October 19, 2009   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Product Discontinuation

We’ve been considering the removal of this product from our lineup for quite some time. This morning we received an email from an upset customer about problems with the GraffitiRibbon class. After a thorough review of the code, the changes that needed to be made, and the sales figures for this class, we’ve decided to drop it from our line up.
The GraffitiRibbon wasn’t a very popular control, and would require a complete rewrite in order to improve it’s usability on the scale which is required. As such, we will no longer be offering GraffitiRibbon for sale. I would to apologize if this has inconvenienced anyone.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Anthony G. Cyphers
Sole Proprietor
CyphersTECH Consulting

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