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September 29, 2011   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Project Complete

We recently completed a large project for a giant in the color calibration industry. This was a medium-to-large VB6 to Real Studio conversion, and involved designing a few custom user interface components.
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August 20, 2011   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Security Compromise

On Wednesday, August 17, 2011, three of the websites in the CyphersTECH family were compromised due to a vulnerability in a third-party script. The issue was quickly resolved, and is now being monitored to make sure that all traces of the malicious code that had been injected in to our pages are gone. Should you have any issues, or be suspicious about the behavior on any of our pages, please use the Contact Us section to let us know immediately.

No customer data was compromised in this attack, as we took every necessary step to keep the attacker’s access to a minimum. As of now, all passwords of real security clearance have been changed, and our security has been hardened much. We must reiterate, no highly sensitive customer information was obtained by the attacker(s), and the system is now, once again, clean and stable.

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May 14, 2011   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

KillerToolBar to Join GraffitiSuite!

JOHNSON CITY, TN & OXFORD, UK (May 14, 2011) CyphersTECH Consulting & Mark O’Neill jointly announce the sale of KillerToolBar to CyphersTECH.

According to Mark O’Neill: “With me being so busy working on Movie Draft over the last few years, KillerToolBar has unfortunately been somewhat neglected. Whilst I would have liked to continue development of KillerToolBar for both the Real Software community and my own personal gratification, time, alas, does not grow on trees, and so on that note I am happy to announce that Anthony Cyphers from CyphersTECH will be continuing development of KillerToolBar after CypherTECH’s recent acquisition of KillerToolBar from myself. This is great news for the Real Software community.”

“I can’t express how excited we are to have reached an agreement with Mark on KTB,” stated Anthony G. Cyphers, Owner. “With this acquisition, we not only enrich our line-up of products, but we keep an excellent product — that has become a staple in so many projects over the years — from disappearing in to the realm of abandonware.”

GraffitiSuite now consists of GraffitiButton, GraffitiColorPicker, GraffitiFadeLabel, GraffitiFadePanel, GraffitiProgress, GraffitiPropertyList, GraffitiRibbon, GraffitiStatus, GraffitiVBScript, and KillerToolBar, with more planned for release in the coming months. All subscription customers have access to support forums, and, also, Source Code subscribers have access to priority email support.

Fore more information about GraffitiSuite, visit http://www.GraffitiSuite.com/

CyphersTECH Consulting, formerly Envied Design.net, is a software and web development consulting firm based in Johnson City, TN. CyphersTECH offers custom local application development, Web Edition development, and a variety of design services.

See http://www.CyphersTECH.com/ for more information.

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March 19, 2011   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Shifting Goals

A couple of months ago we sent out a notification to all of our hosting customers informing them that by May 1st, all hosting operations would cease. continue reading »

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January 12, 2011   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

GraffitiSuite’s New Home

Shortly, GraffitiSuite will be moving. We’re working practically around the clock to get everything ready, and we’re excited about the opportunities this will present for our customers. If you have any interest in GraffitiSuite whatsoever, you should head on over to GraffitiSuite.com and sign up for the newsletter.

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August 28, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Network Upgrade

The foundation for the network infrastructure upgrade has been completed. Over the next two weeks customers will see a minimal downtime as their websites are migrated to the new platform.

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August 27, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Downtime Expected

At some point this weekend, depending upon how quickly we progress, there will be some downtime on all customers. We will be upgrading our infrastructure to better serve everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the support email or telephone number on file for our support department.

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April 14, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

A Quick Survey

If you are a customer, please take the time to fill out this survey. Using these responses, we will determine our course for the rest of 2010.
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February 26, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

40% Sale Almost Over

In just a few short days, our 40% off sale will end. We’d like to encourage anyone contemplating a purchase to make it before this sale ends. Once this sale is over, we don’t plan to have another sale on all of our products again until Thanksgiving (at the earliest).
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February 3, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

Expanding the ARBP Discount

Beginning today, members of the Association of REALbasic Professionals will receive the same discount they received previously on just GraffitiSuite for all products. Every purchase made with the ARBP member coupon code will receive 25% of their total. This is only valid if purchasing directly through our online store, and not via third-party.

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