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January 14, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

REALbasic and Snow Leopard: Redraw what?!

A customer has tasked me with updating some of the UI elements in their application. Among the problems they listed was a redraw bug in Snow Leopard, where the controls on windows with a set background color would display a slightly different color in their background even with the Composite property set to True. After about an hour of testing different workarounds, I found what I believe to be an excellent solution.
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August 30, 2009   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

RB: Hate that flicker

I’m currently working on a project for a client that requires a cross-platform UI class which is pretty standard. It has working alternatives on Windows, Mac, Linux, and anything else you can think of. They want a certain style within the application, regardless of OS, and I don’t blame them for it.
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