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January 12, 2011   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

GraffitiSuite’s New Home

Shortly, GraffitiSuite will be moving. We’re working practically around the clock to get everything ready, and we’re excited about the opportunities this will present for our customers. If you have any interest in GraffitiSuite whatsoever, you should head on over to GraffitiSuite.com and sign up for the newsletter.

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February 18, 2010   Posted by: Anthony G. Cyphers

A few changes…

We’ll soon be implementing a few changes to our products. They will be updated to the latest version of REALbasic, thus any customers using a version of the language that does not have the new text-based controls will be unable to use the demo projects. The products themselves should still work, however.

We may soon be launching a different site to house our REALbasic products, which may result in the names of the products changing. More will come on this as we progress.

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